Social Thingum is a partner of the iort course evolution automation for industry and for the tertiary sector

The course IoRT: the evolution of automation for industry and for the tertiary sector promoted by SIAM (Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Crafts) and supported by Social Things SRL is starting again for its third edition. The training project is aimed at young people up to 29 years of age and aims to reduce the lack of skills in the Robotics and Automation sectors, fields that in 2018 have seen an increase in the demand for qualified personnel for the implementation of industry 4.0.

The digital newspaper Affari Italiani interviewed the CEO Francesco Epifania of Social Thingum, who stressed the importance of accessibility to specialized content integrated with laboratory work. Having the necessary skills and understanding the importance of closing the gap and adequately preparing the young people who will enter these areas, we decided to support this course.

In addition to enriching the educational offer with our skills, Social Thingum also provides e-learning infrastructures that are an integral and fundamental part of our value proposition.

Social Thingum, which developed the product WHOTEACH®, an intelligent e-learning platform with a social network to share user experiences and knowledge, will provide the e-learning infrastructures used during the IoRT course.

This is not the first time that Social Thingum has stood out for its collaboration in projects within the Internet of Things: from the SandS and ELLIOT projects to the recent product Easy 4.0 under development, we want to create intelligent tools that involve and connect people.