EASY 4.0 is the acronym for the project called "Social Household Appliances for Industry 4.0".

The Easy 4.0 project is aimed at creating and developing an app that optimizes the management of household appliances according to the objectives of the individual user.

Artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms are used to progressively adapt to preferences. Users set their profile with various possible objectives: energy cost savings, quality of the result, green management, efficiency. The algorithm then programs and optimizes iteratively the management based on user feedback.

The proposal aims to achieve experimental research, product and process innovation which will take the form of the creation of a innovative social network, equipped with artificial intelligence and connected to objects thanks to the Internet of Things, which helps the user to take full advantage of the potential offered by the commercial household appliances, also in view of green objectives such as pollution reduction and energy saving.

To this end, the social network learns by enriching itself with the operational experience of the users in driving household appliances to propose the choice of the optimal cycle of operation of the same, according to the task required and the preferences expressed in various ways by the user.

The project was funded under the "Smart Living" call of the Lombardy Region and is developed within a partnership composed of Social Things srl, Engitel SpA and the University of Milan.