Social Thingum develops integrated platforms and tools for an effective connection of objects to the Internet through specific social networks of facts. Objects can be either traditional data files in any format, or physical devices that are connected to the network via interface cards. In this paradigm we face a social network in which objects are members as well as their users.

Both are guided in their performances of their tasks by a computational intelligence that uses cognitive algorithms and the knowledge base and behaviors provided by users to produce optimal and customized suggestions and insights for using and interacting with objects.

Through this paradigm Social Thingum aims at providing advanced architectures and services that represent instances of WEB 4.0, thus reviewing and improving the usual scenarios of human-machine interaction and providing effective tools for knowledge enrichment.

Social Thingum's target market is the one of personal devices in the broadest sense, ranging from applications in smart homes and smart cars to wellness and advanced content management systems (CMS) and learning management systems (LMS).