We connect people and objects intelligently

Social Thingum ® is a startup founded on a high-profile team, combining skills and experience in academia and industry. We develop innovative ICT technologies and algorithms to connect people and objects through Intelligent Social Networks. Our Social & Smart paradigm combines learning and interaction potentialities through the synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Social Networks.

We have a young and dynamic work team, made up of a large number of resources from the academic world, and several strategic contacts with various universities in Milan.

In particular, the start-up has created a Social Intelligent Learning Management System (WhoTeach ®) able to foster the development of skills of students, professionals and managers by aggregating and disseminating knowledge created by experts.

In addition, we are currently developing the EaSy 4.0 project, with the aim of creating a technological infrastructure to revolutionize the human-machine interaction in the use of appliances, through an intelligent social network that learns the users’behaviors and provides them with advice to optimize it in a totally personalized and user-centered way.

We operate in some cutting-edge computer science fields, offering original and tailor-made technological solutions, especially with the help of approaches such as cognitive systems of knowledge representation and artificial and computational intelligence. The team is particularly involved in R&D and consulting projects in Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Smart Living, Recommender System and WEB 4.0.

The startup also exploits 3 European projects: NETT, which is the case study in which the platform WhoTeach was tested, and SandS and Elliot, in the IoT area.