Social Thingum ® develops innovative ICT technologies and algorithms to connect people and objects through intelligent Social Networks. The company proposes an innovative paradigm of integration between Artificial Intelligence techniques and Social Networks: this synergy between cognitive and social aspects is a distinctive element of the value proposition of society.

In particular the company objectives are:

  • The creation and commercialization of innovative technological solutions and advanced consulting projects in the IT field, in particular Internet, web and mobile applications, Social Networks, Recommender Systems, E-learning, User Experience, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things, Big Data and Cloud Computing;
  • The development of the platform WhoTeach®, our "Social Intelligent Learning Management System" and its customization in many organizations, companies and institutions in the educational field;
  • The development of an intelligent and social infrastructure for Internet of Things and Smart Living applications (EaSy 4.0).
  • The maintenance of the NETT platform generated by the European project EE-74- NETT; exploitation of the European projects NETT, SandS (video Youtube) and Elliot (video Youtube);
  • Research, development and innovation in ICT and all related fields including human-machine interaction, "Internet of Things", advanced analytics, "Big Data" and in the assessment, design and development of interactive multimedia and multi-channel systems for knowledge enrichment.