We are developing WhoTeach®, an intelligent social e-learning platform that facilitates skill development for companies’ employees and students thanks to a powerful synergy between artificial intelligence and collaborative learning: WhoTeach is an innovative B2B web-based platform aimed at helping teachers to create contents and developing customized learning paths for learners.

According to the WEF, by 2022, no less than 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling. Moreover, 35% of all employees are expected to require additional training of up to six months and 10% of all employees are expected to require additional training more than one year.

Then, learning is the core, both for training institutions, needing to constantly improve their methods and materials, and for companies, in need of fostering innovation by re-skilling and up-skilling processes for their employees.

WhoTeach is an online platform for Smart & Social e-learning aimed at strongly empower training and learning processes by its three main components.

  • The two-sided Recommender System, to help teachers to dynamically create and integrate relevant resources and learners to design customized learning and training paths.
  • The collaborative learning Platform, which allows learners to exchange information and mutual advice on contents, in an informal, unstructured, interactive and pervasive way.
  • A powerful Learning Management System able to deliver training and classes in an attractive and effective way

This project is the results exploitation of the European NETT project, and especially of the E-learning platform Nett Platform.