Nowadays, the technological and social scenario faces a crossroads: you have to choose whether to ride the long wave of new paradigms of innovation or whether to create them yourself. It is necessary to merge networks and communities of practice in all the innovative fields, to share experiences and ideas, to make visible the methodologies that can be successful and especially to connect technology and society with a holistic and international perspective.

The ambition of Social Thingum ® is to contribute to this process through our wide structured offer of advanced technological activities, in which a fundamental aspect stands out: a computational intelligence, enhanced and completed by social network, which uses cognitive algorithms and the knowledge base and behaviors provided by users to produce optimal and customized suggestions and insights.

Through this paradigm Social Thingum aims at providing advanced architectures and services that represent instances of WEB 4.0, thus reviewing and improving the usual scenarios of human-machine interaction and providing effective tools for knowledge enrichment.