Riqualification of Workforce: Difficulty and Prospects for Companies

By 2022, the transformation of the current professional profiles will require a significant retraining of the workforce. According to data collected by the World Economic Forumno less than 54% of employees will have to retrain. Of these, about 35% will need additional training up to six months and 10% over one year. The risk is that these transformations will be mismanaged, increasing inequalities and widening the gap between those who have the skills required by the market and those who do not.

The common thought is that machines will replace humans in current tasks, but what could be achieved concretely is the creation of new jobs that require more skills in line with the evolution of the fourth industrial revolution. Automation will bring companies an increase in productivity, however, there is a need to invest in their employees to remain competitive. For the period up to 2022, 50% of companies are targeting their in-house specialist departments to retrain their workforce.